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Iggbo is the future of professional phlebotomy. To those who qualify, we provide a dependable stream of appointments to conduct high-value blood draws supporting the most scientifically advanced laboratory tests.

Stick With Us

Why Iggbo

Be Your Own Boss:

Work when you want, where you want, as much as you want. Set your schedule to fit your lifestyle — whether you are looking for part-time income or just need the flexibility to pick your kids up after school. You’re in control.

Make more money:

Iggbo connects you to the specialty laboratories whose tests have the highest value. Phlebotomists working through Iggbo can increase their income by 150–200% through a dependable flow of appointments.

Build your future:

Iggbo supplies the appointments and makes sure you have all you need to complete them. We connect you to the professional resources — accounting, legal, insurance — that you need to create your own business. And we are available by phone during business hours and online 24/7.