Mobile phlebotomy is on the rise.

More and more phlebotomists decide to work for themselves. At this time, patients tend to leave their homes less, so there's a need for traveling phlebotomy technicians.

Lean how to get started as a mobile phlebotomist.

This is one of the few healthcare careers that requires little training, while it's easy to get certified. Here's how you can get started in phlebotomy:
Get a high-school diploma or GED
This is a recommended first step towards your future career.
Complete a phlebotomy training program
Most of the programs take a year or less to complete. You can also find free training with local Red Cross.
Get certified
Once your training is complete, get certified with a nationally-accredited agency ASCP.
Become licensed (depends on state)
As of now, California, Louisiana, Nevada, and Washington require phlebotomists to be licensed. Check with your local Departments of Health.
Now, enjoy your new career.
It's time to apply for a job. Although certification was not mandatory, it will help you get the best employment opportunities.
blood draw
What's next?
Accomplished the steps above? Congratulations! Now it's time to get started as phlebotomist.

Today, more and more technicians either go completely self-employed or combine mobile phlebotomy with clinical practice.
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