Stick With Us

Iggbo is currently partnering with phlebotomists looking to earn more money and greater flexibility.

Here’s How It Works

  1. An Iggbo-enabled physician uses the Iggbo online application to order a sophisticated test provided by one of our network of specialty laboratories.
  2. The appointment instantly goes out to our pool of available, qualified, blood draw specialists. Priority goes to Favorites selected by the physician and to those with the highest quality rankings.
  3. As a member of our team you are provided with a smartphone, preloaded with the Iggbo mobile application. When you get an invitation you can accept it — either with a click, or immediately if you have turned on “auto-accept” functionality.
  4. Our exclusive Glidepath® process orchestrates reminders to the patient via email, text, and phone, working to make sure that you don’t miss appointments through patient no-shows.
  5. Iggbo provides you with everything you need to complete a draw from start to finish, including preparation, packaging and shipping to exacting laboratory standards.
  6. You are paid in full every week.